Executive Director Langer Thompson addresses Community Transit board

Sno-Isle Libraries Executive Director Lois Langer Thompson addresses the Community Transit Board of Directors on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

Sno-Isle Libraries Executive Director Lois Langer Thompson is getting to know people across the library district since arriving this past December.

On Thursday, June 6, 2019, the Minnesota native got to address 10 prominent elected leaders in one fell swoop with a presentation to the Community Transit Board of Directors, thanks to an invitation from Board Chair and Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling.

“I was told that the weather here is always mild and that it hardly ever snows,” Langer Thompson said in opening remarks that drew smiles. “And if it does snow, it always melts by noon.”

Dealing with the disruptions of this winter’s unusually persistent snow was just one of the common experiences Langer Thompson cited between the two agencies.

“Since coming on board, I have learned there is a rich and longstanding relationship between Sno-Isle Libraries and Community Transit,” she told the board and audience members at the Community Transit Merrill Creek Administration building in Everett.

“We share a lot. We are both focused on serving the communities and customers within our service areas … and like you, we also serve others who reside outside our service areas but who may work, go to school, shop or play here.”

Langer Thompson congratulated Community Transit on the recent opening the Swift Green Line which connects people living between the Canyon Park & Ride in Bothell to Boeing and Paine Field. It’s Community Transit’s second bus rapid transit line following the Swift Blue Line which runs along Highway 99.

She also noted that staff members from both agencies support and attend events such as the Green Line inauguration and the openings of libraries in the Mariner and Lakewood/Smokey Point areas.

Martin Munguia, Community Transit’s Communications Manager, also serves as President of the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees.

Langer Thompson thanked Community Transit CEO Emmett Heath for his vision and presence in Snohomish County. Heath was a recent guest on the Sno-Isle Libraries podcast, “Check It Out!”

“(Emmett) used a phrase, ’Getting from where you are to where you want to go,’ which I love and have been borrowing freely,” Langer Thompson said. She added that Heath spoke about how Community Transit is moving from getting people on a bus to helping people regardless of what mode of transportation.

“We too are evolving and reimagining a new strategic vision in how we deliver our services,” Langer Thompson said. “We too are focusing on moving our communities from where they are to where they want to want to be.”

Langer Thompson said she is focusing on charting a course to 2030 and how to meet the needs of a region with twice the population.

“It means reimagining what it means to be an early-learning and a lifetime-learning system,” she said. “I think it means reimagining how to deliver transformational learning experiences.

“It also means reimagining how we serve the evolving needs of families with pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, young students, entrepreneurs and professionals, retirees and seniors within a county and region forecast to double in population over the next few decades.”

Langer Thompson suggested that Community Transit’s expertise in planning and forecasting could assist the library district in seeing the future and help project where future facilities could be sited to leverage transportation infrastructure.

“Sno-Isle Libraries is the region’s lifetime learning system,” Langer Thompson told the board members. “We are committed and excited to continue partnering with you to take our region from where it is to where it wants to go.

“I believe our two agencies can embrace and reflect the growth in our region together. We will continue to evolve our services within an evolving region and thereby rise to the challenges ahead.”

The Community Transit Board of Directors consists of 10 members, nine of whom are elected officials selected by the respective governing bodies of the county and component cities within Community Transit’s service area. Board members are:

Board Chair: Dave Earling, Edmonds Mayor

Board Vice Chair: Terry Ryan, Snohomish County Council Member

Board Secretary: Jon Nehring, Marysville Mayor

Board Past Chair: Leonard Kelley, Stanwood Mayor

Board members

  • Kim Daughtry, Lake Stevens Council Member
  • Joe Neigel, Sultan Council Member
  • Lance Norton, Labor Representative
  • Jan Schuette, Arlington Council Member
  • Mike Todd, Mill Creek Council Member
  • Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Council Member

Board Alternates

  • Jennifer Gregerson, Mukilteo Mayor
  • George Hurst, Lynnwood Council Member
  • Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Council Member
  • Bruce Straughn, Granite Falls Council Member
  • Geoffrey Thomas, Monroe Mayor