Check out the new website for Sno-Isle Libraries

    Sno-Isle Libraries is revealing a new website. 

    Preview graphic for new websiteStarting Sept. 14, the public can preview the new website from a link on the current homepageThe current and new websites will run in tandem until Oct. 5, when all content will switch to the new website. 

    “Sno-Isle Libraries recognized the need for a better customer experience,” said Michelle Callihan, leader of the Sno-Isle Libraries website implementation team.  

    The new website is more closely integrated with the library’s catalog.  When users click on an item or image, it opens to the full content of the item and information is updated as new material is added. 

    “The new site is very visual and serves in essence as an additional community library location for our customers,” website implementation team member Justine Easley saidIt makes the website dynamic for our users.” 

    The single-biggest change customers are likely to notice is improved browsability. That was a major consideration since coronavirus restrictions have kept customers out of community libraries, unable to browse the shelves. 

    We aimed to create an inspiring digital space that would mimic the in-person browsing experience and allow our customers to explore, just like they would in person, said website implementation team member Casey Gabehart. 

    Customers should also find it easier to navigate and search the new website. 

    “We designed different paths leading to content so that there is no ‘right way’ to find what you need,” said Mike Hawkins, implementation team member. 

    The vision for the new website included a simplified design, unified branding and an adaptable structure to meet ever-changing community needs. 

    This is not simply a migration of the existing website, but instead an opportunity for us to reimagine what a website can mean to our organization,” Sno-Isle Libraries Executive Director Lois Langer Thompson said.