Artists launch rocket mural at Stanwood Library

Some of the young artists who contributed to the rocket mural stand before the artwork at Stanwood Library, Feb. 14, 2017.  Photo gallery

For a project that represents so much love and commitment, Valentine’s Day was certainly the appropriate launch date for a rocket mural at Stanwood Library.

The wall-size project was coordinated by Camano-based artist Danny Koffman with support coming from the library, the city of Stanwood and the Stanwood-Camano Community Resource Center. Koffman started with artwork based on the theme “What would you take to the future” that was contributed by 32 families.

“I started with the list in alphabetical order and the art flowed so well I just kept it that way,” Koffman said. This is Koffman’s third such rocket mural with the others at the Resource Center and Church Creek Park.

The mural is printed on commercial-grade material that can withstand the elements and then mounted on posts along the east-facing wall of the library. “We’re very pleased to have this wonderful piece of art at the library,” said Managing Librarian Charles Pratt. “It is a reflection of the strong connection between the community and the library.”