You might be a Mariners fan if…

by Danielle

You might be a Seattle Mariners fan if:

  • Your baby’s fist word is “Boomstick” (after another Nelson Cruz home run)
  • You’ve ever traveled to an Everett Aquasox or Tacoma Rainiers game
  • You dream of garlic fries and shiskaberries
  • You’ve willingly gone to a weeknight game in April to see them play a team that wasn’t Boston/Oakland/New York and paid $5 for instant hot chocolate
  • You aren’t discouraged by a 39-45 start to the season. It’s totally our year!
  • You are discouraged by a 39-45 start to the season. Wasn’t this supposed to be our year?
  • You still wear an Ichiro Suzuki or Ken Griffey Jr. shirt even though they haven’t played for the M’s in years
  • You took a a vacation day in order to catch a midweek afternoon game in 2012 that also happened to turn into Felix Hernandez’s perfect game on August 15th, 2012*
  • You’ve read any of these books:

*Yes, did miss work in 2012 and catch Felix’s perfect game!

What’s your favorite baseball book? Do you have a favorite Mariner memory? 



One response to “You might be a Mariners fan if…”

  1. Ruth says:

    I still have a beach towel with the old “trident” logo on it (from the 80s?). When I think of the M’s, I think of Harold Reynolds, Alvin Davis, and Rey Quinones, so I’m an old-timer!

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