Writers Unite!

by KP

I like to fancy myself a writer. My style is more along the lines of dark fantasy and urban fantasy, but I do have a soft spot for YA, horror, and science fiction. Whether you’re an established writer or just starting out, Sno-Isle has several resources to assist you with your craft–no matter the genre.

Write NowThis fall, we’ll be launching a special series for writers: Write Now: Write, Revise, Publish, and Find an Audience. I am super excited about
this workshop series and expect to learn some ins and outs of the writing, publishing,
and marketing process. Keep your eye on our event calendar for more information as it develops.


Until then, my current go-to book is The Fantasy Fiction Formula by Deborah Chester. It’s packed with tips and guidelines for creating well-rounded characters and a compelling plot whether you’re writing gritty urban fantasy, blood-pumping sword & sorcery, or massive epics of good versus evil.

Want to research to your heart’s content without feeling like a burgeoning serial killer? Browse our A to Z Databases.

Interested in honing your craft? Use this list to get started.

Maybe you’re interested in starting a writing group, or want to join in on a writing group? Edmonds Library hosts a writing workshop each Monday, and if you’re a teen, Monroe Library hosts a junior writing group each Wednesday where you can share your writing with fellow teens and get constructive feedback.

Looking for something a little more up close and personal? Meet some authors in person and get inspired! Beginning this fall, Oak Harbor Library will host four guest authors: J.A. Jance (9/28), Ingrid Thoft (10/4), Martha Crites (10/11), and Waverly Curtis (10/18).

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6 responses to “Writers Unite!”

  1. For the J.A. Jance visit, seating is limited and registration is required. Registration opens on Sept. 1. Register online, at the Oak Harbor Library, or by phone at 360-675-5115.

  2. Nicole Harris says:

    For teen writers that can’t make it to the Monroe Library for the junior writing group, we also have the Teen Online Writing Group (the link is on the Sno-Isle Teens page).

  3. Lindsey says:

    I’ve been reading “Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish: A Guidebook for the Journey” and it’s been very helpful! Writing is a constant struggle for me because I tend to do more research than actual writing, but I’m determined to finish at least a portion of a book for NaNo this November!

    • KP says:

      I get lost in research, Lindsey, so that’s a struggle for me, too. I have endless bookmarked webpages of cool things I see and want to research further, and before I know it I haven’t actually written anything except backstory. *sigh* But I’m getting better. Slowly.

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