Write Now 2018: Book Now!

by Denise D. 

‘Tis the Season of Learning

It’s all around us: darkening skies, cooling temperatures, school bus flashing lights, ransacked office supply shelves at the grocery store. Summer is over. But fret not. Now is the time to learn. Think Back to School is just for the kids? Not so at the library. Here, learning is a lifelong opportunity… without the stress of report cards.

Sometimes Writing Just Needs a Little Class

One of my personal favorites is our annual Write Now series of classes. Like many readers, I love to write. But, like many writers, I write best with a nudge. Deadlines nudge, but classes do much more. They inspire, provide company to combat the isolation of writing, and might even lead you to meet a writing group that keeps the inspiration flowing.

So whether you want to spark your imagination, learn the nitty-gritty of research and publishing, write your family history, explore children’s books, create new worlds, keep it short and mysterious, or indulge your inner poet, we can get you into the seasonal spirit of learning.

But sign up soon! The 2018 session of Write Now ends December 10, space might be limited and some classes requires reservations. How’s that for a nudge?



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