You Might be a Word Nerd if…

by Melleny T.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Have you looked up a word in the dictionary just to learn its etymology?

Are you entertained by anagrams, pangrams, lipograms, isograms, and especially ambigrams?

Do you have a strong opinion about the Oxford comma?

I hate to tell you, but you might be a word nerd. It’s okay though – you’re in good company. I, and most of my closest friends and coworkers, are also proud Scrabble-playing, portmanteau-making, thesaurus-browsing, spelling-bee-crushing word nerds.

Why not embrace your love of words by digging deeper into a linguistic topic that catches your eye?

Whether you’ve thought about inventing your own language, you know how to use a semicolon correctly, you diagram sentences in your dreams, or you’re fascinated by collective nouns, you’ll probably find something on this book list that will make your heart go pitter-patter.


3 responses to “You Might be a Word Nerd if…”

  1. Deb says:

    Fascinating to learn about ambigrams and isograms. I was a Word Nerd before and now I’m even more of one!

  2. Isaac H. says:

    Ah the Oxford comma, my old friend, foe, and colleague! While English was one of my least favorite topics in secondary school, adult me somehow developed an interest in it. It’s certainly fascinating to learn the intricacies and depth of the English writing system. At the same time it definitely shows how difficult to learn the language can be.

  3. moochigeh says:

    Oh man, you nailed me. I sometimes doodle ambigrams, which I got hooked on after visiting Ventura California – they have made a great ambigram of their city’s name. I also notice people using semicolons in very curious ways! I bet you are also a fan of the Sunday Puzzle by Will Shortz on NPR. 🙂

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