Amnesia in Romances

by Jocelyn R.

You wake up one morning, and, oh no! You don’t recognize the face in the mirror. Or the person laying next to you. What’s going on? Did you imbibe a bit too freely the night before? Did you age overnight? Nope. You, my friend, have amnesia. And that means you are now in an amnesia-themed romance novel.

Now, if you like your romances to be extremely realistic, then this trope may not be for you. Realistically, someone suffering from amnesia will most likely have much more serious head injuries and medical issues as well. And while a few romance novels portray such head injuries (like Tami Hoag’s Cold, Cold Heart), many do not go as in-depth with the medical issues and contain a more simplistic story line.

Generally, the amnesia trope is a plot-contrivance used to provide a blank slate for characters so that they can start over. Often this leads to a big helping of drama, major misunderstandings, and suspense. These novels let us explore issues of trust, self and identity, and love. They ask questions like: Is it possible to fall in love if you don’t know who you are? What if you forget the five years that you’ve been with your long-time significant other? Can you come back from that? I mean, if you can’t remember the shared memories you’ve created in your relationship, would you still love that person, or even want to? All of these what if questions suck me (and maybe you?) into these amnesia-themed romances.

Ready to read about the consequences of losing your memories? Here are a few amnesia-themed romances you could try.

A Kiss to Remember – Teresa Medeiros
A re-working of the “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale, this historical romance features a bitter lord who loses his memory after falling from his horse and waking to a kiss from his supposed fiance.


Forgotten Sins – Rebecca Zanetti
An enhanced former soldier wakes up in hospital with no memory of the past. But his emergency contact is his estranged wife. Can they trust each other enough to figure out why Shane was back in town and who put him in the hospital?



Kiss of the Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon
An amnesia-themed paranormal romance with a twist, this novel features an immortal Dark Hunter who fades from the memory of everyone around him within minutes.



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  1. Marina says:

    The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn is a good amnesia-light book. Plus you get the “keeping a secret” trope, the “fake-fiance” trope, and the “falling in love through letter-writing” trope, too.
    However, my favorite amnesia romance related writing will always be this awesome review for Pregnesia (

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