Whidbey Reads: Interview with Ashley Ream

by Kaley

As The 100 Year Miracle continues to fly off the shelves of our libraries, we’re gearing up for a visit with Whidbey Reads author Ashley Ream​. Her visit is still roughly a month away (come on, June 7 and June 8!) but she graciously took some time out of her schedule to do an interview with me. 

We had a lot to talk about, and you’ll find it below cut into two parts. The first half, you’ll find cool stories about Ashley’s childhood love obsession with reading. I can’t believe it, but this eventually drove her to read at the tender age of three! She’s now a very recent mother to a little girl, and we talk about some of her childhood favorites (Madeline and Frances) and I can’t help but name drop mine (a Sendak girl through and through).


You can find the first part of the interview here.

​By the second half we dive into the complexity and evolution of Harry and Tilda’s relationship and how Whidbey Island in conjunction with Orcas Island inspired Olloo’et’. However, my favorite part is our discussion of her running injury, a stress fracture in her pelvis, which she acquired during an ultramarathon. This injury influenced the chronic pain that Rachel suffers through daily.

You can find the second part of the interview here.

I hope you enjoy our interview! I’d also like to thank Ashley Ream again who was a total joy to talk to. See you all in June! Below, you’ll find the books Ashley mentioned in her to-be-read stack that (dangerously) sits above her head.

Interviews have been edited for content.

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