Whidbey Reads 2017: A Darker Side to Island Life

By Kaley

The 100 Year Miracle by Ashley Ream.

It’s official! You have likely seen or heard from our Island library staff that we have chosen Ashley Ream’s​ The 100 Year Miracle​ as our title for Whidbey Reads 2017. If you’ve never participated or heard of it before, a team of staff and community members pore over books for weeks until one is selected. Then it’s read across the island and celebrated with programs that delve into the many subjects it encompasses. Finally, it culminates in an event with the author.

The 100 Year Miracle is the story of Dr. Rachel Bell who is tasked with studying the bio-luminescent creatures that appear on the shores of a remote island off Washington’s coast every hundred years. She suffers terribly from chronic pain and in a desperate effort to save herself, she investigates a Native American legend that suggests these creatures could help her. This book explores the possibility of life-saving miracles, obsessions and secrets, as well as my favorite aspect: life on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

My dog, Shavo, enjoying one of the beaches on Whidbey.

Ream was heavily inspired by our cozy island, and who can blame her? Whidbey Island boasts some of the most spectacular views of the Puget Sound and the mountains that cradle it. Though the author had some compelling darker twists to island life, we do have our own little miracles. My personal favorites include: porpoise and whale sightings, the way the Cascades light up when the sun sets, dog friendly beaches, and the amount of coffee roasters we can boast in a small stretch of land.
​We’re really excited about this newest addition to the Whidbey Reads family. Keep an eye out for the author events on 4p.m. June 7  in Freeland and  2 p.m. June 8 in Oak Harbor as well as fun adjunct programming in the months before the author visit. You’ll also find some related reads below compiled by staff and community members who  make up the Whidbey Reads team.


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  1. Julie says:

    Excellent post, Kaley! I can’t wait for the smorgasbord of programs and author events to begin! Folks can also take advantage of our increased copies of eBooks (starting today, March 15th) and other formats. Paperbacks hit library shelves in May, though we currently have a large number of hardcover copies available and some eAudiobooks.

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