What to consume after you finish the Serial Podcast

I confess that I spent my Christmas preparation with earbuds firmly lodged into my ears, riveted to the final episodes of the podcast Serial. I’m not alone in that. The free podcast has been downloaded over 5 million times. I’ve eavesdropped on patrons in my library talking about it, one of my Christmas guests was likewise addicted, and I myself have spread the bug to other library staff members. But Serial is only 12 episodes long and the producers aren’t planning to release a second season until autumn. That’s a long time away.

If you haven’t (yet) been pulled into the exploration of true crime, guilt, journalism and the justice system, Serial’s first season explored a 15-year-old murder for which someone has been convicted, sentenced, and is currently serving life in prison for. But did he really do it? That’s what the journalists set out to prove – or disprove – if they can.

In the meantime, I have some suggestions for books and movies that explore similar topics and themes:

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