What is your favorite system of magic?

One of the main reasons I enjoy reading fantasy novels is because of the world building. It’s fascinating to learn about a society – the history, the lore, and the magic. If I had to choose just one favorite magic system, I don’t think I could – there are so many! Instead, I’ll share a few of my favorites…Do you have a favorite magic system?

The Wheel of Time series – Robert Jordan
The one power is a source of energy that can be used to manipulate the world. This power is divided into two sections – saidar and saidin – with women using saidar while men use saidin. The power is also split into the five powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. Those who can use this source are called channelers, and they weave flows of the power for purposes like building a bridge of air, zapping something out of existence, or manipulating the weather. To read more about this interesting magic, start with The Eye of the World (available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats).

Darkover series – Marion Zimmer Bradley
Telepathy can be awe inspiring. Not only can it delve into the minds of others, it can also be used to build fortresses, create and manipulate weapons, mine for precious metals, and heal the wounded. This series consists of numerous trilogies and sub-series – you won’t need to start reading at the very beginning. You might try starting with The Fall of Neskaya, the first in the Clingfire Trilogy.

Mistborn series – Brandon Sanderson

This series features a few different magic systems, but the one I find most interesting is Allomancy. Allomancy involves using, or burning, metals to help achieve physical or mental feats – like running extremely fast or hopping from the street to the roof. Those with the ability to use metals in this fashion are called Allomancers, and those rare allomancers who can burn all metals are known as Mistborns. The first book in the series is The Final Empire (available in print, ebook and audiobook).



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  1. bbuck says:

    I like natural magic, particularly animal magic, like Reserved for the cat by Mercedes Lackey.

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