We’re All Chum Now, at the Aquatic Horror Show

By Julie T.

Minimally fast on land and in the water (minus the Olympians among us), we land-based organisms enter oceans, rivers, and lakes primarily for fun, profit, and exploration. Our lack of claws and jaws puts us at a further disadvantage when pitted against predators of the deep blue sea (or lakes or reasonably deep mud puddles).

classic movies shark GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

The genre of aquatic creature horror contains, unsurprisingly, a lot of sharks, with crocodiles making appearances along with other miscellaneous aquatic monsters. Personally, while whales are pretty majestic and amazing, they also terrify me (and are not included here). Most of the rampaging whales films that come to mind focus on said whale seeking revenge or acting in self-defense, as opposed to our kill frenzy-oriented like friends on the list below.

Maybe that shark from “Jaws” had a good reason for feasting on Northeastern vacationers… Or maybe it’s all just one big miscommunication. Check out this list and choose your fighter:

We're All Chum Now... Aquatic Horror Films


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