We Used to Be Friends: Books & Shows for Veronica Mars Fans

by Lisa C.

A long time ago, I used to be a Veronica Mars fan, but I haven’t thought of her lately at all. Unless you count two weeks ago when season 4 was released early and I immediately binge-watched it in 4 days! Alas, 8 short episodes later and she’s gone again. What’s a Veronica Mars fan to do? Fear not, Marshmallows, I have suggestions for books and shows to heal the Veronica Mars-sized hole in your heart.

Veronica Mars


Just remember me when…

Of course, there is nothing better when you need a Veronica Mars fix then a rewatch of the original series and the movie! Season one will always be my favorite – Veronica’s outsider status and touching determination to find her best friend’s killer strike all the right chords.

Veronica MarsVeronica MarsVeronica MarsVeronica MarsMr. Kiss and Tell

You could also try one of the books written by show creator Rob Thomas. They take place right after the events of the movie and the audiobook of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line is narrated by Kristen Bell herself!

Share your recommendations for other books and shows that capture the Veronica Mars spirit in the comments!




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2 responses to “We Used to Be Friends: Books & Shows for Veronica Mars Fans”

  1. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line was a great listen! I really, really, really want more VM! Eight episodes for s4 was not enough!

    • Lisa C says:

      I think I could listen to anything narrated by Kristen Bell! And I agree, 8 episodes were not enough. Back to season one for me.

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