Walk it Out

By Kristi S.

It’s (almost) officially summer and the weather is inching its way towards the mid-70s. That means Washingtonians are pulling out their shorts and hitting the trails to enjoy our beautiful state.


I love walking and hiking, especially with my dog Huffle. Some of my fondest childhood memories come from day hikes with my family, when my older sisters would blaze the trail and my dad would hang back and talk to me about the plants and animals. As an adult, however, hiking has become much harder. Some days I am up for a nice long hike, other days I’m not even up for a walk to the mailbox. For every occasion, I start with books for inspiration.

When I’m Feeling Good

When my body is on board, I love to hit the trails in the early morning and hike for the day. Moderate difficulty is my absolute max, and Huffle and I are extra enthusiastic about hikes that end in water. So far, these books have been my favorite resources:


When I’m Feeling Slow

Some days I wake up knowing that I cannot handle a lot of movement, but I am still aching for the outdoors. On these days, I like to turn to guidebooks for urban trails or gentle hikes that I can complete quickly and without too much effort. If you experience days like this, you might find these books helpful:


When I’m Not Going Anywhere

On the worst days, there is no way I am leaving the house. These days can be a real bummer, especially when the sun is shining through the window. But, books can still give me a glimpse of the nature I crave. I love flipping through pictorials from Washington state or putting on nature documentaries so that I can explore from the comfort of my couch. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying:


In addition to the many awesome guidebooks we offer at the library, I cannot recommend the Washington Trails Association enough. It’s incredibly thorough, easy to search by region, and offers fun articles for inspiration. You can even check out their monthly magazine! My sister and I are currently planning our journey through their Game of Thrones inspired hikes.

Whatever your ability level, and however you like to explore, I hope you’ll find some time this summer to get outside and relax. Let us know what excursions you’re planning in the comments!

Walk it Out

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4 responses to “Walk it Out”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really like that you included a few bad day selections. 🙂

    • Kristi S. says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. For me, bringing nature indoors is the best way to better a bad day. Hope you find something to enjoy!

  2. The WTA GoT hikes! Wow!

    • Kristi S. says:

      Yes! They’re so fun, Jackie. I get weekly emails from the WTA and they are quite witty and on-trend with pop culture. This month, they did a Hike the Rainbow post to celebrate Pride and highlight all of the best wildflower hikes. So much to enjoy!

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