Urban Fantasy Spotlight: Fever

by KP

Big City Life with a Side of the Supernatural.

Have you ever been curious about urban fantasy? Exactly what is it? In general, urban fantasy novels are set in contemporary times, and contain supernatural elements. One Friday out of each month, I’ll highlight an urban fantasy book for the interested.

Welcome to another edition of Urban Fantasy Spotlight. It’s nearly summer, and I’m due for a much needed vacation. With all our supernatural creatures roaming America, why not discover what paranormal delights our international friends have to offer?

We trade in zombie rumbas for sexy sidhe and Irish mystique with Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever.

This U/F/S title pits MacKayla “Mac” Lane, a small town Southern girl, against the devious might of the Unseelie and their powerful talismans, including a sentient book of corrupting power.

At the bequest of her murdered sister, MacKayla travels to Ireland.

She’s way out of her element. Mac’s used to sunshine and Southern hospitality, not unintelligible Irish accents and brusque manners. She’s especially not used to monsters that prey on the populace and whom everyone else ignores.

When Mac discovers that she has the rare ability to see through Fae magic, she’s marked for death. She must fight for survival–all while trying to discover who, or what, killed her sister.

The Fever series is one of those urban fantasies that keeps getting better and better. I picked up the book because, like Mac, I’m a Georgia gal.

I quickly discovered I hated her.

In the beginning, everything about Mac’s personality felt like ice against my teeth. I found her selfish and annoying. But as the book and series progresses, Mac changes. She trades her signature pink for black. Her optimism for pessimism. She sheds the Southern belle and emerges as something darker, something ruthless.

And I loved it.

Mac’s development and the darkly sexy, at times devastating plot twists, make this series one of my all time favorites.

If Darkfever sounds like the book for you, try a few sample pages. As always, feel free to drop a comment about what you’re reading!

Stay tuned for the next installment of U/F/S where we journey to the land down under to take selfies with koalas, and follow a dhampir detective as she investigates rumors of a group harvesting nonhumans in order to clone the ultimate warrior . . . .

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