Urban Fantasy Spotlight: Bone Street Rumba

by KP

Big City Life with a Side of the Supernatural.

Have you ever been curious about urban fantasy? Exactly what is it? In general, urban fantasy novels are set in contemporary times, and contain supernatural elements. One Friday out of each month, I’ll highlight an urban fantasy book for the interested.

Welcome to another edition of Urban Fantasy Spotlight. We’re exchanging dark elves and sibling rivalries for zombies and lit Malagueñas in New York City’s teeming streets. The Big Apple is a popular setting for urban fantasy stories because of its mix of cultures. Consequently, that’s one of my favorite things about the genre: its propensity for diversity–and not just the fanged and furry kind.

Ngks only appear at times preceding global catastrophe.

So when the imp-like creatures, infest the streets of Brooklyn, The Council of the Dead wants to know why. Agent Carlos Delacruz soon discovers the ngks aren’t just appearing, they’re being summoned. And their master is intent on using them to open the entrada to the Underworld.

Stop a vengeful sorcerer before he destroys balance between the living and dead? Seems straightforward, but there’s just one problem. Carlos and this sorcerer have a history, and the sorcerer has a proposition that may be too good for Carlos to pass up . . .

Half Resurrection Blues by Daniel José Older offers a fresh break from the typical urban fantasy. It highlights New York immigrant culture, emphasizing Latin and African society. I love how much jazz colors this novel. I feel it in the rhythm of Older’s sentences. See it in the ghastly parades and parties of the dead. Hear its improvisation in Carlos’ colorful phrases. Its influence seeps into the plot, whisking me away on a dizzying, fantastical ride through the profane, outlandish, and insightful.

(Did I mention it’s fun?)

Think this quirky, paranormal noir could be the adventure for you? Read the first four chapters.

A fan? The Bone Street Rumba Series continues in Midnight Taxi Tango and Battle Hill Bolero.


As always, stay tuned for the next installment of U/F/S where we hop across the pond to fair Dublin, a city literally ripping apart at the seams as another world claws through. . . .

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