Urban Fantasy Spotlight: Supernatural

by Kimberly P. 

Big City Life with a Side of the Supernatural.

Have you ever been curious about urban fantasy? Exactly what is it? In general, urban fantasy novels are set in contemporary times, and contain supernatural elements. One Friday out of each month, I’ll highlight an urban fantasy book for the interested.

Dean Winchester’s “Baby”

Welcome back to U/F/S. Hopping in our ’67 Impala, we’re leaving the Big Apple behind in favor of the open road, seedy motels, and copious amounts of pie.

And monsters. Did I mention monsters?

The popular CW television show, Supernatural has long been one of my favorites. I’ve even dedicated a few posts to praising my boys, Sam and Dean Winchester. While I’m sad CW passed on the spinoff show, Wayward Sisters, I can drown my sorrows in Sno-Isle’s vast collection of Supernatural-based novels.

The Grand Canyon: sweeping vistas, enchanting wildlife, and restless spirits long dead. . . 

Also available as an ebook.

Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon by Jeff Mariotte takes my favorite duo, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, to the Arizona desert. Every forty years, a gruesome murder spree terrorizes the area’s few residents. But with the opening of a nearby mega-mall, thousands of shoppers flood the small desert town–providing the killer and its army of ghosts and animal spirits with a fresh pool of victims. The Winchester brothers want to solve the mystery of murder sprees and paranormal activity, but they find out that they are way over their head.

Getting to the witch’s canyon was easy.

Getting out alive, however, is not.

Witch’s Canyon is the second novel of the Supernatural book series and picks up where another favorite of mine, Nevermore by Keith R. A. DeCandido, left off. I love the book series because it is written by different authors who bring their own interpretation of the Winchesters to life while still remaining true to the spirit and relationship between the brothers. These tie-in novels take place between episodes of the television series. (Witch’s Canyon takes place during season two while Nevermore also occurs during season two but specifically after the events of the episode “Crossroad Blues.”)

The book series is by no means heavy reading which is great for when I want to kick back and dive into a wild adventure with my favorite boys. (Lounging in the back seat of the Impala, of course!).

Curious about this tie-in? Check out a few sample chapters.

As always, stay tuned for the next installment of U/F/S. Happy Reading!



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  1. Alez says:

    Oh my Chuck, this might be the exact thing I need to tide me over as I wait for Season 14. Technically I knew these existed, but I didn’t think much of them. Mostly because I knew if I really looked into them I would probably need to read all of them. Thanks for the handy list to use as a reference!

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