Movies to Escape Winter

by Michelle C. 

Picture this. A toasty fire in the fireplace. A comfy couch with lots of throw blankets. A person, dog, or pillow to cuddle up with. And a movie that helps you escape the gloom of a Pacific Northwest winter. This time of year I like to watch movies that feature sunshine, travel, and exotic places. Even if I am not going on vacation, I can escape for a few hours while watching a movie.

In The Endless Summer two surfers chase the perfect wave as they travel from Africa to Australia. This movie features beautiful locales that will make you want to pick up a surfboard and quit your job in pursuit of an endless summer.


A Good Year features a hard-hearted businessman who discovers he has inherited a home in Provence. He goes down there looking to sell it fast, but discovers a slower pace of life. Warning: This movie may make you want to quit your job and move to the south of France.


I grew up in Arizona so it’s no wonder that I start craving the sun and desert during the long winter days. In City Slickers, a man suffering from a mid-life crisis and his friends decide to go on a two week trip to the American West. Watch it for the slap-stick laughs and the beautiful desert scenery.

Check out the full list of movies and share with us some of your favorites to watch during the winter!



2 responses to “Movies to Escape Winter”

  1. moochigeh says:

    I like the British movie, Enchanted April, where a woman worn down by drudgery and endless London rain takes a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a castle at the sunny Italian seaside. Another one along those lines is Shirley Valentine, which is set in sun-drenched Greece. OH! and don’t forget Mamma Mia! 🙂

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