‘Tis the Season for Quiet

by Denise D.

Choosing Quiet

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking. (I’m writing this while somebody drills on the wall near my head. The media I’m using to drown out the sound insists that it’s time to get out and shop– by any means necessary.) But, when December slips in on the heels of Thanksgiving gratitude and feasting, I welcome the season with a yearning to seek out its quiet beauty.

Outdoor Magic

Stepping outside for my customary walk, understated offerings of magic greet me. The vibrant violet of beautyberry, the simple elegance of multihued, naked branches gracefully holding their ground, and mysteriously textured seed pods gone to gray, but clinging on. I walk slowly, seeking hints of what to plant for next year and snapping photos to check against Sno-Isle’s winter gardening books.

Inside Quiet

Walking in a quiet, peaceful, understated world, I find it easier to relax and seek to quiet my mind. Mindfulness is the art of just being in the moment, observing what is happening without judgment. As nature hibernates and goes quiet, I feel the call to learn to do the same. Once again, the library has my back.

What about you? How do feel about December? Are you excited to get out to all the holiday festivities? Or do you seek out more quiet observances? What says December for you? What is your favorite winter garden delight? Do you practice mindfulness? How?

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  1. Alyssa S says:

    I love this!

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