The Writing Stuff

by Marina M.

A few months ago I took a hand lettering class. I thought, I have pretty good handwriting so it should be fun to make improvements on that. But, whoa. There’s a lot more work involved in making it look good. But it was so much fun. And lettering doesn’t require a huge amount of space or that much special equipment. Except for a variety of pens. Oh, the pens!

After I collected my supplies (and went back to collect still more) I went in search of font options. I was amazed at how many different variations there are on just the basic hand lettering script. The library has so many lettering books that will give you plenty of guidance for beginners. Since I took a class where I was instructed in the basics of pen types, advised on proper paper, and how to hold the pen, my main objective for the books was to find fun fonts. I used some to create a fun info card with my dog’s blood donation statistics.

Doodles, but not a dog

Along with hand lettering I decided to use my pens for little doodles. While browsing the internet for lettering projects I noticed most had fun borders, cute squiggles, or chunky banners as part of the design. Several of the lettering books have examples of those but I thought it would be fun to expand on my vision. I started looking at line drawing and doodle art books. Again, a lot of those in the library catalog.

Practice makes perfect.

With all of the books I’ve found, it’s been hard to settle on one favorite aspect of the lettering process. I’m still learning, and will be for a while to come. But in that learning process I can create my own style and flair and put my own stamp on the projects I create. Or not. I’ve recreated several projects I’ve found in the books by tracing the base pattern and embellishing from the original.

Postscript, in caps

Oh, yeah. Those of you that keep track of my pet posts may have noticed that there’s a different cat in the pictures. I have added another feline to the crew. And she’s not black and white. But she’s very helpful in my crafting endeavors. And has a talent for stealing pens. Her name is SPRINKLES. (Yes, all caps. It make sense when you meet her in person.)

The Writing Stuff



4 responses to “The Writing Stuff”

  1. Jennifer Keirans says:

    I’m not very artistic, but I do want to buy lots of pretty new pens.

    • Marina M. says:

      Buying pretty new pens will encourage your latent artistic side. I have also done a bit of tracing and coloring with them. It’s not all freehand.

  2. Isaac H says:

    Cats can be good muses, IMO. SPRINKLES’s pen pilfering seems like it could be a sign of good luck!

    I’ve always wanted to take handwriting and calligraphy classes, but my naturally atrocious handwriting has warded me off from it. I was once chided (as an adult) by an elementary teacher after she watched me scribble a note with my letters written from the line upward instead of from top down. Anyway, now might be a good time to give it a shot!

    • Marina M. says:

      Agreed, Isaac. She is a good muse. When she’s not stealing my writing tools. Or sitting on them.
      With the hand lettering you are taking time and being a bit more conscious in your product than just regular, everyday writing. So, I think, no matter your actual handwriting, everybody has the ability to create a works of are. Go for it!

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