The Misfits

by Lisa C.

I may be a total misfit, but I’ve reached the point where the usual comfort viewing and reading suspects aren’t quite soothing my social distancing woes. Imagining happy, boisterous gatherings and adventurous travels is just making me itch to do the same. Instead, I’m seeking inspiration and fortitude from another favorite archetype: the misfit.

Misfit Manifestors

You know who I mean: the loners, the underdogs, the rebels, the outsiders, the eccentrics. They walk their own path and it is always more than 6 feet away from you. Whether by choice or circumstance, they just don’t quite fit in.  These characters often face loneliness, derision from their peers, pressure to conform, or even violence. And yet, reading about their struggles and victories can help us process our own feelings and remind us that we aren’t alone.

Check out this list of a few of my favorite misfits in books and film and share your suggestions in the comments!

The Misfits

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  1. Chase K. Fantastico says:

    Great list!

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