The Greatest Tenor

by Brian H.

Okay, I caught your eye with that blog post title.  Your mind quickly flipped through all those tenor voices you have recordings of and you thought…he must be talking about Caruso…no…Pavarotti…no Carreras…no one of those 3 Irish tenor fellas…no that tenor Bocelli who is on PBS all the time…

Well actually, I’m talking about Placido Domingo. Domingo is the greatest tenor.







Don’t take my word for it though.  Here is what GALE Contemporary Musicians reference resource has written and quoted about him:

“Few opera singers have made such an impact on their musical genre as Spanish-born Placido Domingo, a critically acclaimed tenor who has treated audiences to his mellifluous voice in the greatest opera houses of the world. “Domingo is widely regarded as the supreme lyrical dramatic tenor of the late 20th century,” claimed the New Grove Dictionary of Opera, which added that he is “an actor of exceptional passion and commitment as well as a singer of warmth, intelligence and fine taste.” Edward Greenfield echoed these opinions in High Fidelity in 1970 when Domingo was still in his twenties, writing “Domingo is almost too good to be true, the possessor not only of a superlative voice, but of a kindly, modest temperament that stands correction without fuss.”  Source

I’ll have to limit my recommendations…with 147 different opera roles and over 100 recordings of opera and more one could explore this tenor’s greatness all year long.  Here are a few video samples.

To go in-depth with exploring Placido Domingo’s artistry head to the Sno-Isle Libraries catalog and music resources Freegal and hoopla. This list will take you there.



5 responses to “The Greatest Tenor”

  1. Sue Rochat says:

    I love Placido Domingo. His “pop” albums are wonderful. I had a Spanish professor who had met him, and she said he was very nice and gracious. He has a reputation of being helpful and encouraging to young performers. I will have to go on-line and see if the special he did with Carol Burnett is available somewhere; I remember it as being funny and entertaining. Thanks for mentioning Placido and reminding me it has been awhile since I have thought of listening to him.

    • Erin L. says:

      I’m not a tech wizard so I hope this link works. If not I did find Placido on Carol Burnett.

      • Brian H. says:

        Big smile on my face Erin. Thanks for uploading this duet with Carol and Placido from YouTube! I also found the complete Carol Burnett’s 1984 special with Placido Domingo. Where she “discovers” Placido Domingo. I think this must be what you are referring to. Both artists are at the top of their game (comedy and song) in this show. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Jo Meador says:

    I agree with this vote. Of all the operas and tenors I have seen, Placido Domingo is the one who has retained a certain humility and grace. He seems to thank the audience for their participation in his performance, with authentic sincerity.

  3. Bryan Stratton says:

    Brian – You nailed this one! Placido has always been my favorite tenor (and not just because he did a recording with John Denver). I saw a PBS masterclass that he did – his skill and knowledge are unsurpassed! A consumate musician.

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