That’s What She Read

By Kristi S

With the release of the podcast Office Ladies, I have decided to re-watch the series yet again. This time, I find myself thinking of what the characters of The Office might be reading. I mean, not a lot of work gets done in their office so I am assuming they all have a book hidden somewhere. With that in mind, here is a list of books I’d recommend if my favorite employees of Dunder Mifflin came to the library.

That's What She Read

Michael, Dwight, and Jim

Michael Scott has four heroes: Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln, Bono, and God. In that order. He will love this autobiography/joke book from his #1 hero. And, I can confidently say that Dwight Schrute would pick up this book in hopes of finding his own Beet Queen. Though he might be disappointed that this is not a guidebook to love, he will definitely enjoy the reflective and leisurely look at pastoral life. As the office prankster, Jim Halpert should appreciate this fascinating look at misinformation over the last 50 years. From conspiracy theories to photo shopping, he should get some good inspiration for his next prank.

Pam, Angela, and Kevin

Pam Beesley is a talented artist who just needs a push to pursue her dreams. Art: A Visual History should inspire her to start drawing again. Maybe she’ll even have another art show! Angela Martin may disapprove of most things, but we know she loves Christmas, party planning, and history. Good thing this book has it all. Angela may say that she will only bring The Bible and A Purpose Driven Life to a desert island, but I think she’d sneak this one too. Poor, sweet Kevin Malone. He is passionate about food, and especially passionate about some of his Kevin’s Famous Chili. But, if he is too traumatized to cook it again, he might turn to this cookbook for a new recipe.

Kelly, Andy, and Oscar

Kelly Kapoor was full on Team Edward in the Twilight fervor, and I think she will find much to love in this fantasy series. Paranormal romance with a love triangle perfect for Kelly’s love of drama. Re-dee-dee-dee. Andy Bernard is always singing something; he should put that talent to use writing jingles! This book should be a good reference to get him ready for prime time. As long as he has the pronunciation right. Oscar Martinez prides himself on being well informed and intellectual, so he will love discussing this compelling and sobering study of working-class people in a Pennsylvania coal town.

Creed, Stanley, Phyllis, and Ryan

Creed Bratton is the weirdest, most enigmatic character at the office. He loves talking about his life in the 60s, so I can see him finding much to love in this passionate oral history of American counterculture in the summer of ’69. Stanley Hudson is a lovable curmudgeon who is always working on a puzzle. The Puzzle Lady is a lovable curmudgeon who is always working on a puzzle. Are they the same person? Quite possibly. Sue Grafton’s at the Steamtown mall! And we know Phyllis Vance is a fan. Ryan Howard is all about advancing his career. And even though he has a huge amount of unearned confidence, this book by the founder of LinkedIn might give him some concrete advice.


What do you think The Office staff is reading? Any employees I missed that you are dying to recommend a book to? Let me know in the comments!

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5 responses to “That’s What She Read”

  1. Rickey B says:

    This is an amazing list! I too enjoy this podcast!

    • Kristi S. says:

      It’s so fun! I love the behind-the-scenes tidbits and I especially love knowing some of the actors are friends in real life. It’s been very nostalgic for me. Let me know if you think of any good character recommendations!

  2. Sarafina says:

    Very clever approach to book recommendation. Thanks for using your time and knowledge of podcast characters and book content to create a refreshing new list of possible reads!

  3. snoisleblogs says:

    Nice work, Kristi! I’m gonna add the podcast to my listening routine.

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