Take A Hike!

March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day. With the many city and county parks, walking trails and national parks we have in our surrounding area it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right location for you to celebrate this day.

I wanted to specifically highlight this book, The Dog Lover’s Companion to the Pacific Northwest by Val Malinson, because it is oftentimes my companion when I’m out and about with my dogs. There are on- and off-leash parks with descriptions and driving directions. Pet friendly lodging and restaurants are also listed. My dogs’ absolute favorite park is the off-leash one in Edmonds because they really enjoy the water. But a really close second is Lake Padden in Bellingham–where there are fantastic off-leash trails and a small area of the lake open for off-leash swimming. Proof is in the photo below that tired dogs are happy dogs.

Rest break during a romp on Lake Padden’s off-leash trails.

 April 4th is one of the days designated for free entrance to a WA State Park. No Discover Pass needed. Roll your walk over to the weekend and take advantage of the generosity.

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