Chatting with Author Laurie Frankel

by Marie B. Whidbey community libraries, their Friends of the Library groups, and community volunteers have put together a great slate of programs for Whidbey Reads 2020.  You don’t have to live on Whidbey to attend these events.  Start a carpool and take a day trip to the island!  All roads lead to three chances […]

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A Conversation with Author Matthew Sullivan

by Marie B. Whidbey is smack dab in the middle of Whidbey Reads, where the community reads one book and Whidbey community libraries host a wide range of programs related to the book’s themes.  The 2019 selection is Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan.  You’ll have a chance to meet Sullivan at […]

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Whidbey Reads… a Mystery!

by Marie B What would you do if someone you barely knew left you all their worldly possessions following their death by suicide?  That’s just what happens to Lydia, the deceased’s favorite clerk at the local bookstore, one of his favorite haunts.  As Lydia peels back the layers of Joey’s life, she realizes there was […]

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Whidbey Reads Presents: An Interview with Jim Lynch

By Kaley C. Jim Lynch’s Before the Wind features an unmoored family that lived and breathed sailing only to fall into dysfunction. His rich descriptions of our local waters and boats transport you to the marina. You’re left sympathizing with Josh, who is bewildered after his family seems to have fallen apart. Sailing is something […]

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Sail Away with Whidbey Reads 2018

By Marie B. I consider myself lucky to live in a place where I can get to the beach in just five minutes. It’s a bonus to live on an island nestled between the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. Even though the world just outside my door is so wonderful, I sometimes escape into a […]

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Whidbey Reads: Interview with Ashley Ream

by Kaley As The 100 Year Miracle continues to fly off the shelves of our libraries, we’re gearing up for a visit with Whidbey Reads author Ashley Ream​. Her visit is still roughly a month away (come on, June 7 and June 8!) but she graciously took some time out of her schedule to do an interview […]

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Whidbey Reads 2017: A Darker Side to Island Life

By Kaley It’s official! You have likely seen or heard from our Island library staff that we have chosen Ashley Ream’s​ The 100 Year Miracle​ as our title for Whidbey Reads 2017. If you’ve never participated or heard of it before, a team of staff and community members pore over books for weeks until one is selected. Then it’s […]

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16 in ’16: Whidbey Reads feedback

  by Ruth G. So, Resolute Readers, are you reading the current Whidbey Reads title, or one from the past? By the looks of the comments I’ve gotten, most of you are choosing this year’s title, The Wind is not a River, by Brian Payton: Mary C: I just finished listening to The Wind is Not […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Whidbey Read

by Ruth G. Ready for your next “16 in ‘16” theme? From March 12-31, pick any book that has been featured in the Whidbey Reads community-wide reading event.  Begun in 2003, Whidbey Reads is an annual program that brings Whidbey Island residents together to read and talk about a book. The 2016 selection is “The Wind […]

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