Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service!

by Marina It seems like a lot of centennials* are taking place this year. First Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday and now the National Park Service will celebrate 100 years on August 25th. The National Park Service (NPS) idea started with a bill in 1864, signed by Abraham Lincoln, to preserve the area now known as Yosemite […]

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Retirement Wish List

by Ruth G. Having crossed the threshold of 50 some time ago, and thus become the recipient of flyers from AARP, the idea of retirement has started to intrigue me. Retirement won’t be happening anytime soon, but sometimes I see a book and think, “This one goes on the stuff-to-do-when-I’m-retired list.”     Maybe I’ll eat my […]

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Curious Cartography

by Marina M. Back in the day, before GPS devices and smartphones, you had to read a physical map to figure out where you were going. If you’re anything like me you actually had to step into the map to decipher your direction. I wasn’t very spatially aware in regards to my location orientation. (And still am […]

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Strangers in a Strange Land

by Marina Well, the kids are back to school. Or, maybe it’s you that’s back to school. Whatever the reason–the weather is returning to the Washington-like rain and fog that we’re used to–you realize the summer has passed you by and you’ve missed out on taking your ultimate vacation. Or, maybe, like me, you can’t […]

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Dreaming of a Cruise Ship Vacation

by Dawn  I never thought I would be the sort of person to go on a cruise ship, but a few years ago my brother was working for one, so I got to go on a cruise for free!  I really loved was how much reading I got done.  Between ports there are long stretches […]

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Travels by the Book

Spring Break is just around the corner (or just happened for some) and many people have wonderful, fun and exciting trips planned. For myself I tend to use my imagination and library card and take a tour through books. Here are a few of my favorite destinations, both fiction and non-fiction. The Indigo Notebook by Laura […]

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Question of the Week: What fictional setting would you like to travel to?

Confession: I recently watched Austenland on a plane and it got me thinking about iconic book settings and if I’d ever travel to one like Jane did in Austenland (which is also a fabulous book). While I’m not obsessed with Mr. Darcy nor interested in traveling to the Regency-era, there are a few settings I wouldn’t […]

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It’s that time of year when we all like to add a little bit of spookiness to our lives.  There are plenty of scary novels to read and movies to watch that will leave you hiding under your blanket – we’ve all got our favorites.  But what if you’re the type that likes to get […]

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Question of the Week

Do you use the maps that are included in some books? Absolutely! Not only are some of the maps wonderfully detailed, for me it makes the reading an even richer experience. Of course, I’m one of those people who likes to collect maps, so it only makes sense that I’d enjoy following the characters’ journeys […]

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Question of the Week

Which book has your favorite portrait of a city? When I read, I find it especially wonderful if the city the book takes place in is brought to life so well, it feels like a character itself.  This is especially heightened for me if it is a city I have spent any decent amount of […]

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