DK, Oh Yeah!

by Marina M. Most people will say there’s an author or two (or thirty) that they favor. Others will share their genre preferences. Sometimes–SOMETIMES–you can even pin somebody down to reveal their one true favorite book. For right then, at least. Because favorite books change with the season, the mood, the color of your hair, […]

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It’s all Greek to Me: Filtering by Region for Armchair Travel

by Denise When it comes to travel preparation, my goal is to make the journey last as long as possible. I start with guidebooks and language preparation.  Then the fun– luxuriating in novels that take place in my destination. No genre boundaries My genre of choice? I am all over the place. Well-researched and compelling historical […]

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Armchair Travel: Inspiration and Memories

by Denise  Last month, I shared my thoughts on travel guides. But what if you don’t know where you want to go? Or can’t easily travel? The library can still help. We have materials that let you travel without leaving your couch. Drone-spiration Photos are a traditional media for armchair travel. Postcards, vacation slideshows, travel […]

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Exploring Washington

by Liz Rain or shine, we are not at a loss for natural beauty here in Washington state. I would even go so far as to say we live in the most beautiful state in the nation. Now as a life-long Washingtonian I may be a bit biased, but seriously…have you looked outside lately? Mountains, […]

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Odyssey-ize your Travel Planning at the Library

by Denise Extend your vacation for free! Spring break fades in the rear view mirror. Summer appears on the horizon. Maybe your thoughts turn to travel… Dreaming of escaping to Glacier National Park or the Galapagos Islands? For me, planning travel is part of the adventure. Once the travel bug has bitten, I turn to the […]

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Fictional Tourism

By Stacey In September I will be traveling to Boston for a family wedding. My husband and I decided to build a vacation around the event. My daughter opted in for a few days, so I asked her where in New England she would like to go. Her answer, Stars Hollow. That got me thinking […]

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Hoopla World Music

What piques your interest as you decide where to travel? You might think of desirable destinations based on the art and architecture or geography and scenery of the region. Or the appeal of the cuisine, local entertainment or historical landmarks might influence your travel plans. But what about the music you could hear on that journey and when […]

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Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service!

by Marina It seems like a lot of centennials* are taking place this year. First Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday and now the National Park Service will celebrate 100 years on August 25th. The National Park Service (NPS) idea started with a bill in 1864, signed by Abraham Lincoln, to preserve the area now known as Yosemite […]

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Retirement Wish List

by Ruth G. Having crossed the threshold of 50 some time ago, and thus become the recipient of flyers from AARP, the idea of retirement has started to intrigue me. Retirement won’t be happening anytime soon, but sometimes I see a book and think, “This one goes on the stuff-to-do-when-I’m-retired list.”     Maybe I’ll eat my […]

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Curious Cartography

by Marina M. Back in the day, before GPS devices and smartphones, you had to read a physical map to figure out where you were going. If you’re anything like me you actually had to step into the map to decipher your direction. I wasn’t very spatially aware in regards to my location orientation. (And still am […]

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