Television Championship Belt

by Grant The championship belt; in boxing a belt was first given as a prize as early as 1810.  Belts are also given in Pro Wrestling and MMA fighting.  The reigning champ is often referred to as the “belt holder.”  In another blatant attempt to start arguments with my coworkers and blog readers, I have […]

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Awards Round-up: September 2016

by Lindsey & Ruth Welcome to the September Awards Round-up! A combination of literary and media awards were handed out this month. Here is a brief overview of these awards and their winners. The Emmys The Emmy Awards recognize excellence in various areas of television and emerging media. They are selected by the sisters organizations Television Academy, […]

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Fictional Tourism

By Stacey In September I will be traveling to Boston for a family wedding. My husband and I decided to build a vacation around the event. My daughter opted in for a few days, so I asked her where in New England she would like to go. Her answer, Stars Hollow. That got me thinking […]

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Awards Round-up: August 2016

by Brian Welcome to The Biblio Files’ August Awards Round-up!  We are covering two award categories this month. Both bring a certain measure of spectacle and controversy. The Hugo Awards, presented annually since 1955, are science fiction’s most prestigious award.  Since 2013 the nomination process has been in a bit of turmoil.  Author George R.R. Martin discusses the impact […]

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Awards Round-up: June 2016

by Liz Welcome to The Biblio Files’ June Awards Round-up. This month’s awards are quite the eclectic mix! A little something for everyone, as the saying goes!  First up this month, we have the BAILEYS Women’s Prize for Fiction. One of the UK’s most prestigious literary awards, the WPFF is awarded annually and celebrates the best full-length fiction […]

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“Supernatural” Diversions

by KP Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Business.  Now that season 11 of CW’s Supernatural has wrapped up, it’s time to settle in for the long wait until season 12’s premiere. I don’t know about you, fellow hunters, but I’ve got my rock salt ready and I’m brushing up on some obscure lore. For […]

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Awards Round-up: May 2016

by Marina Welcome to a new feature here on The Biblio Files! The Awards Round-up! In this, and each of the following posts we’ll gather together the book, movie, television and music winners for that month. We’ll also take this chance to highlight a few lesser known items. Be ready to know more about awards than you ever thought […]

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TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time

by Michelle C. I think everyone has a list of favorite TV shows that were canceled too soon.  Sometimes the abrupt endings are devastating: unanswered cliffhangers, lovers divided by misunderstandings, quests left unresolved.  I am often left with a feeling of displacement; I want to be back in that fantastical world.  The characters have become […]

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Dreaming of a Cruise Ship Vacation

by Dawn  I never thought I would be the sort of person to go on a cruise ship, but a few years ago my brother was working for one, so I got to go on a cruise for free!  I really loved was how much reading I got done.  Between ports there are long stretches […]

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Happy President’s Day!

Our libraries are closed today, but our website is up!  If you’ve run out of reading material, don’t forget you can download books, audiobooks, videos, and more from our website. For this post,  I wanted to share some fun things related to the White House (and avoid getting into a political discussion). Most people have […]

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