A Game of Thrones

By Kristi S. Are you one of the 17.4 million viewers who tuned in to the start of the final season of Game of Thrones on April 14? Are you also one of the 17.4 million viewers who will be devastated and drifting aimlessly when the final episode airs on May 19? I am with […]

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To Be Continued

By Isaac H. There is a saying about the key to masterful storytelling: “Always leave the audience wanting more.” How often have you enjoyed the full run of a television show, anime series or movie and wanted to know, “what happens next?” It’s even more frustrating reaching the end of a story and wondering, “is […]

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On Inspiration and Margaret Atwood

By Kristi S. Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite authors. I have a vivid memory of finishing the last page of The Handmaid’s Tale and taking that deep breath that comes when you set down a book and you know it will stay with you forever. The next morning, I showed up at the […]

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Your Heroes Might Be Villains

By Isaac H. Have you ever watched or re-watched a movie and thought to yourself “I see why the hero(es) needed to win, but was the villain(s) sort of right”? Alternatively, have you ever noticed that the goals of the hero could be seen as questionable or even villainous?  I’ve had these epiphanies after watching […]

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Just Right Television

by Grant P. As a new season of television premiers kicks off, I am reminded of the insanely popular blogging topic: shows cancelled too soon. Even here at Bilbliofiles, we are guilty. It is fun to imagine what could have been and lament the horrible decisions of studio executives (or whoever is in charge of […]

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Television Spies and Spooks

by Michelle C. There is something incredibly fun and romantic about the notion of spies (although I imagine the reality is a lot less exciting). Unlike with a James Bond film, in television there is so much that can be developed with the spy thriller. Some of my favorite spy shows use humor and absurdity to […]

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Rory Gilmore Reads

by Julie T. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the four-part revival on Netflix, felt like catching up with old friends. At the time of the original series run (2000-2007), I aged alongside Rory Gilmore. The struggles she faces in the revival are similar to those of so many other early 30-somethings. Snappy pop […]

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In the Bleak Midwinter

by Lindsey I desperately wanted to include an animated gif of Tommy Shelby from the gritty and beautifully paced BBC television series Peaky Blinders, since the title of this post comes from a poem by English poet Christina Rossetti that is frequently referenced in the series. Alas, it would spoil the show for those who have not seen it. While the poem […]

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Prepping for Stranger Things

by Grant Stranger Things debuted on Netflix earlier this year to near universal acclaim mostly because it was completely amazing. An homage to the some of the best 80s films, music and typeface. While we all wait for for it to be released on DVD, here is a slew of films that inspired or are similar to […]

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Television Championship Belt

by Grant The championship belt; in boxing a belt was first given as a prize as early as 1810.  Belts are also given in Pro Wrestling and MMA fighting.  The reigning champ is often referred to as the “belt holder.”  In another blatant attempt to start arguments with my coworkers and blog readers, I have […]

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