I’m Okay

by Marie B. As a self-aware control freak, I spend a lot of time thinking about what to do and whether what I already did was the right thing to do.  Choices, amirite?  Today, though, things will be different.  Why?  Because March 16 is Everything You Do Is Right Day!  The unsure and the confident […]

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2019 Sno-Isle Staff Favorites

by Lois H. (they/them or she/her) Throughout the first month of 2020, we asked Sno-Isle staff to send us their favorite titles from the previous year. It’s a tradition we’ve upheld over the years and this year we have even more lists! All submissions had to be published or released in 2019 and staff were […]

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16 and ’16: Read a Staff Pick Feedback

by KP Welcome back, esteemed readers! We’re officially halfway through our tenth Reading Resolutions challenge, Read a Staff Pick. Have you spoken to a Sno-Isle staff member to see what we’re reading or what we suggest for you? Maybe you consulted the Great Oracle (our staff pick quiz) or browsed the weekly Our Suggestions booklist to find your latest […]

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