Are You Ready for Some (More) Football?

Another Super Bowl (and the football season) has come and gone and I’m sure, after one day, you’re feeling some withdrawals. Well, fear not! I come bearing a list of books and movies (both fiction and non-fiction) that will keep your football off-season at bay for weeks to come.

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Getting Fit with Lit

I don’t know about you, but I try to love exercising.  I wish I was the sort of person who woke up first thing in the morning, hungry for that burn or runners high or whatever it is that gets those 6am runners out of the house and on the streets.  (I suspect they do […]

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Climbing Mt. Everest

I have never climbed Mt. Everest or K2…OK, I haven’t even climbed Mt. Rainier and the hill in Edmonds looks daunting to me!  But, oh boy, do I ever love books about climbing.  Like many, my first encounter with climbing books was with Into Thin Air.  Whether you believe Krakauer’s story or not, it was quite an adventure and […]

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