Urban Fantasy Spotlight: Special Edition

by KP Big city life with a side of the supernatural. Have you ever been curious about urban fantasy? Exactly what is it? In general, urban fantasy novels are set in contemporary times, and contain supernatural elements. One Friday out of each month, I’ll highlight an urban fantasy book for the interested. Season’s greetings and welcome […]

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16 in ’16: Read Short Stories Feedback

by Stacey & Michelle C. We are more than halfway through the short story book theme in the 16 in ’16 reading challenge. So far the entries have been a fun mix of genre anthologies, funny shorts, and literary novellas. Let’s take a look at what short stories some of the participants are reading: Stacey: “A short story […]

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16 in ’16: Read Short Stories

By Stacey   What is a short story? Simple version–a work of fiction that is shorter than a novel. A story that can be read in one sitting. Yet, a short story can be so much more. Marilyn Singer, author of over 90 children, young adult and poetry books eloquently elucidates: A short story is, in […]

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June is “Bathroom Reading” Month

by Ruth G. What makes a good bathroom read? Something that you can pick up, peruse, and put down, no bookmark needed.  (I suppose waterproofing would be a bonus.) There is a bathroom book for just about any mood: from trivia, world records, “believe it or not” books, to jokes & riddles, cartoon collections and […]

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Lost at Sea with Jon Ronson

If I ever find myself lost at sea (which I hope I don’t), it would be all right with me if Jon Ronson was along in the life raft.  He has spent time with so many unusual and eccentric people that I’m sure his storytelling would help while away the hours as the sharks circled, […]

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