Coming Soon: Prose Bowl 2020

By SnoIsleLib_Suggests It’s almost time for Prose Bowl 2020, the contest where readers from Sno-Isle Libraries choose their favorite book from the past year. The contest begins on March 4, when we’ll provide contest details and the first opportunity to vote right here on the BiblioFiles blog.  Each week you’ll have a chance to vote on […]

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Prose Bowl 2019 – The Winner Is…

by Marie B Four weeks of fierce competition has brought us to this glorious day.  In case you missed it, here’s a recap.  Round 1 presented readers with the challenge of selecting their favorites from among 60 titles across six genres.  Many worthy opponents fell at the first hurdle.  Round 2 gave the top two from […]

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Prose Bowl 2019: The Final Round

by Craig B. Welcome to the final round of Prose Bowl 2019! Here we are in the final round of voting! Competition has been fierce. These contenders have fought their way to the top of the bracket. Three challengers remain from a fighting field of sixty. Only one finalist can win. It’s like Thunderdome for […]

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Prose Bowl 2019: Round 3

by Lois H. Welcome back to Prose Bowl 2019! At the beginning of March, we started with 60 of the best books from the past year. After two weeks of voting, we narrowed our competitors down to the top title of each genre. Now it’s time for a genre showdown! For some, this may be […]

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Prose Bowl 2019: Round 2

  By Julie T. And then there were… I hope your favorite books made it through the first round of voting! Now that we’re underway in week 2, the voting gets tougher.  You rallied behind your choices with nearly a thousand votes total!   Crime Fiction Kingdom of the Blind, from last year’s winner Louise […]

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Prose Bowl 2019: Round 1

by Marina M It’s March Madness Time! And we all know what that means . . . lots and lots of bracket-based elimination competition. And while the most well known bracket competitions are athletic in nature we here at Sno-Isle are continuing our tradition of a book based bracket. Welcome to Prose Bowl 2019! In […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Winner!

by Kimberly P. Many Entered . . . but There Can Only be One.  Welcome to our final stage of Prose Bowl 2018. You voted, they fought, and in the end, only one remained standing, triumphant amidst the broken spines and ripped pages of its competitors. To recap, our Finalists were: Combat was vicious. Grant’s […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Finals

by Michelle C. Voting closed. Winner will be announced March 28! After two rounds of voting we are down to the final round for Prose Bowl 2018. Prose Bowl is our chance to vote on popular books from the past year and determine which was the Sno-Isle Libraries favorite book of the year. We started […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Round 2

by Grant P. Thanks for voting! The finals open March 21. Welcome back to Prose Bowl 2018. We started with twenty-four worthy contenders last week, and after tallying the nearly 1,700 votes using only an abacus, we have our winners from each of their genre brackets. Now the real battle begins, ROUND 2! The Hunger […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Round 1

by Kimberly P.  Thanks for Voting! Round 2 opens March 14. Welcome folks to Prose Bowl 2018 where you’ll determine Sno-Isle’s favorite book for 2017! Round one is all about genres. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide the top favorite for each of the following categories: Crime Fiction, General/Historical Fiction, […]

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