June is “Bathroom Reading” Month

by Ruth G. What makes a good bathroom read? Something that you can pick up, peruse, and put down, no bookmark needed.  (I suppose waterproofing would be a bonus.) There is a bathroom book for just about any mood: from trivia, world records, “believe it or not” books, to jokes & riddles, cartoon collections and […]

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Book Clubs Made Easy!

by Stacey Sno-Isle currently has 256 Book Discussion Kits. Each kit includes 10 copies of a single title. With this abundance of titles Sno-Isle offers  several options for searching and choosing a book kit. You can browse all of the kits alphabetically. You can search by new kits. Does your group prefer a literary form? You […]

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Meet the Author Next Door: Gina Marie Mammano

by Gina Marie Mammano Gina Marie Mammano hosts the public radio show, Ear Candy: a sweet piece of sound for your mind to suck on, on WhidbeyAir. It’s a themed mix of music, poetry, essays, alongside soulful storytelling. She is a spiritual director, and  a published  poet, with her work focusing on places and interior spaces and can […]

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Meet the Author Next Door: Lorraine Healy

by Lorraine Healy Lorraine Healy is an award-winning Argentinean poet who has been published extensively. Nominated for a Pushcart in 2004, she has a MFA from the New England College and a post-MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is the first poet to have received a green card solely on the merits of her […]

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