Feline Be Mine!

By Julie T. June is Adopt-a-Cat Month! I am an unabashed, lifelong cat lover. The longest period I lived without feline companionship was during college. By senior year I was done waiting, so I went to a Seattle animal shelter and co-adopted Mickey and Minnie with a friend. It was love at first sight. I […]

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Working (and Volunteering) Like a Dog

by Marina M. Somebody recently told me I don’t write nearly enough posts about dogs. I think they were being sarcastic but since it was in an email I chose to take it seriously. Because I can. If you don’t know by now, I have a couple of dogs. A poodle mix and a pitbull […]

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Getting Ready to Get Out!

By Kaley C. If you’re reading this, I am on vacation with my dogs. They deserve one too, you know? Here is what I used from our library to get ready for it!   I snagged this Creaky Knees hike book because one of my dogs is an older gentleman, and the other has a […]

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DK, Oh Yeah!

by Marina M. Most people will say there’s an author or two (or thirty) that they favor. Others will share their genre preferences. Sometimes–SOMETIMES–you can even pin somebody down to reveal their one true favorite book. For right then, at least. Because favorite books change with the season, the mood, the color of your hair, […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Metaphorical Journeys

by Marina M. A journey starts with a single page . . . As happens with many people that read a lot (or anything at all, really), I find that some books make a difference in my life. They take me on a journey, if you will. Not a physical or literal journey. More metaphorical. […]

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The Barnyard is Busy

by Marina Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything looks bright and fresh. Maybe from all the rain–it just makes the world glisten. Yeah, I know, it’s schmaltzy. I enjoy the spring weather. All of it. In spring talk typically turns to the subject of gardening or cleaning. That’s all well and good but, been there, […]

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Literary Pets

by Marina Dogs rule . . . . Many of the Readers’ Services Team are dog lovers as shown by the number of times we’ve snuck photos (or videos) of our own pets into our blog posts. We like other animals too, no doubt, but dogs seem to inspire our content more. Although, there’s this […]

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The Dog Days of Summer

by Liz The dog days of summer are upon us! The phrase draws its meaning from ancient Greece when the rising of the Dog Star (Sirius) meant the coming of the hottest days of the year. While the common usage does not have most of us looking through a telescope, it still very much means the heat has […]

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Take A Hike!

March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day. With the many city and county parks, walking trails and national parks we have in our surrounding area it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right location for you to celebrate this day. I wanted to specifically highlight this book, The Dog Lover’s Companion […]

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My kind of cat (and dog) detectives

Everywhere you look mystery covers now days you see a cat or a dog.  Some are just to make the cover look pretty.  Publishers hope the sweet pet will make us pick out their book.  Some however are pet detectives ready to solve the crime.  My favorite pet detectives are from Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. […]

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