The Greatest Tenor

by Brian H. Okay, I caught your eye with that blog post title.  Your mind quickly flipped through all those tenor voices you have recordings of and you thought…he must be talking about Caruso…no…Pavarotti…no Carreras…no one of those 3 Irish tenor fellas…no that tenor Bocelli who is on PBS all the time…

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Music History (In a Roundabout Way)

by Brian H. Whether we realized it or not we’ve all been offered a course in music history through the documentaries created by Ken Burns. The films he creates tell stories from history through images and film footage with narration. They also feature a good deal of music that significantly helps with telling these stories.

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AllMusic’s Albums of the Year

by Brian H. You may be tempted to go for the list of the top albums of the year from Rolling Stone magazine, or Pitchfork, or NPR, or Billboard while searching for music of note from 2017. However, may I suggest you give a look and listen to this list of the 70 best albums from […]

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Library Music and a Little Light Music

by David M. The term “library music” possibly conjures up images of a string quartet very quietly performing in the back of the library meeting room during some special event, but library music (or production music as it sometimes called) refers to a specific type and use of music. And you’ve very likely heard a […]

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Keeping Score

by Brian H. San Francisco Symphony and MTT The inner orchestra nerd is coming out in me for this BiblioFiles post. I have a favorite American symphony orchestra that I want share with you, The San Francisco Symphony. This orchestra is currently led by a favorite conductor of mine too, Michael Tilson Thomas (aka MTT). […]

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What, You’ve Never Heard of John Martyn?

by David M. I’m always surprised that more people don’t know about John Martyn’s music. Like Nick Drake, he’s one of those artists who never got the attention he deserved while he was alive. He toured a lot, but concerts were sometimes sketchy, and in biographies, phrases like “drunken craziness” and “boozed-up fistfights” come up […]

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

by Brian H. National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15- Oct. 15) is a perfect reason to highlight music of Spanish language origins.  Not that one needs a reason to highlight this music and these artists.  No doubt, this is music to listen to every month of the year. iLe First, an incredible singer and composer […]

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Sure Sign of Fall? Listening to Nick Drake

by David M. Autumns leaves and cooler temperatures arrive, I put away my dub albums for the year, and Nick Drake is on the playlist. During his short life (1948-1974), Nick never managed to connect with the listening public, and so he remained a cult figure — but his cult keeps growing as friends tell friends […]

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48th GMA Dove Awards

by Brian H. “Since 1970 the GMA Dove Awards has honored outstanding achievements and excellence in Christian Music. The show celebrates our rich musical diversity. Awards are presented to individuals representing modern Rock, Rap/Hip Hop, Pop/Contemporary, Inspirational, Southern Gospel, Urban, Bluegrass, Country, Worship and more!” Here are the 2017 nominees for Songwriter of the Year […]

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10 Great Beach Boys Songs You May Not Know

by David M The Beach Boys had a 50+ year career and a massive catalog, so it’s not a surprise that some of my favorite Beach Boy songs are relatively unknown — until now! In no particular order, let’s start with “Good Timin’“. It did okay as a single, but not enough for fans to notice. […]

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