A Pair of Prolific Pickers

by David Previously I blogged about guitarist John Fahey, one of my all-time favorite acoustic players. Rounding out my list of acoustic masters we have Norman Blake and Tony Rice. Norman Blake has had a stellar career, both as a studio musician (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan) and on his own. He plays bluegrass/fiddle tunes/old-timey folk […]

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Freegal Artist Highlight

by Brian (snoislelib_brianh) A while back I featured music by the renown cellist Yo-Yo Ma in a Bibliofiles post about music you can find hidden in Sno-Isle Libraries Freegal music collection. I’d like to highlight another amazing artist tucked away in the Freegal collection, violinist Joshua Bell. It really pays to think about Freegal as a […]

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Searching for John Fahey

by David John Fahey is a mystery, a conundrum and possibly a genius — and one of my Top Three acoustic guitar players. (The other two are Tony Rice and Norman Blake — more on them in a later post.) John Fahey collected 78’s, and he drew a great deal of influence from the blues, rags and […]

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Soundtracks and AllMusic

By Brian (snoislelib_brianh) Sno-Isle Libraries is your source for soundtracks!  A great movie always includes a great soundtrack.  For all your favorite movies head to the library’s music collection and listen to the soundtracks on hoopla, stream them from Freegal or order the CDs from the library catalog. Learn more about soundtrack recordings Sno-Isle Libraries offers […]

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Experimenting in the Stereolab

by David Stereolab formed in the early ’90s, and even though they’ve since been hugely influential, not many people know their music. And it doesn’t help that describing their music is difficult: they’ve absorbed elements of noise rock, Brazilian bossa nova, Burt Bacharach, the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, and French pop of the ’60s. Oh, and […]

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by Brian H Album or Playlist?  That is the question when deciding what music to listen to. I tend to explore artists that are new to me by listening to their full albums. I give all the tracks a fighting chance. But inevitably certain tracks win out over others. These favorite tracks work their way into […]

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Prince: One Year Later

by KP “I guess he’s better off than he was before, a whole lot better off than the fools he left here.” — Prince, “Sometimes It Snows In April” Today marks the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death. Equally mysterious, an enigma, and a prodigy, Prince changed the face of music. He continues to influence musicians, […]

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Connecting with Neko Case and Laura Veirs

by David One of the best albums I heard last year was “case/lang/veirs” by Neko Case, k. d. lang, and Laura Veirs (hence the catchy title). It seemed to fly under the radar; I never saw any reviews. Still as I said, one of the best of last year. What was fun for me was […]

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Awards Round-up: March 2017

by Lindsey National Book Critics Circle Awards Each year since 1976 the National Book Critics Circle awards books published in English in six categories: Autobiography, Biography, Criticism, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Certain genres are excluded, including cookbooks, self-help books, reference books, picture books, and children’s books. Here are the winners for the 2016 publishing year! The […]

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Tips for Our New Catalog

by Brian H. I’m all for new. So this is going to be a decidedly upbeat positive plug for the new library catalog. I’ll share some cool features I’m enjoying and invite you to give them a try. Privacy The new catalog defaults to letting you share content that you create with other customers. You […]

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