LibraryReads List April 2017

by Marina Ahhh . . . April showers! Well, it’s raining another batch of top ten books as voted on by library staff around the country. What can be better than that? At least it’s an excuse to keep you out of the real rain. Because there’s no need to get your books wet. But […]

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Feel Good, Easy Reads AKA Gentle Reads

by Jocelyn Looking for a book where sex, violence, and excessive profanity is left off the page? Look no further, we’ve got a category for you. It’s called Gentle Reads. These novels tend to be described with terms like “heart-warming,” “wholesome” or “hopeful,” and are entertaining stories full of encouragement and warmth. Often humorous, they […]

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Families, Separated — New Takes

by Denise Lately, I’ve hit the jackpot. Every book I’ve opened has lured me in from the first page. Reads too good not to share. The problem? Spanning genres, audiences, and themes, these good reads don’t easily fit into one category. However, with a little pondering, I realized they all touch upon a common theme: […]

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LibraryReads List November 2016

by Marina Welcome to the last new LibraryReads list of 2016–December will feature a best of 2016 list from all of this year’s previous winners. If you’ve read along with LibraryReads in 2016 do you have any predictions of what will make that list? The “best of” for November is Faithful by Alice Hoffman. The […]

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Awards Round-up: October 2016

by Lindsey Welcome to the October Awards Round-up! A few important literary awards were distributed this month, with one big surprise. Here is an overview. The Dagger Awards Since 1955, the UK-based Crime Writers’ Association has awarded ten Daggers each year to works of quality crime writing. These awards are given to both crime fiction and […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Young Author

by Danielle I managed to volunteer for the hardest of all the Reading Resolutions 16 in ‘16 categories: Read an Author Under 30. Now this doesn’t just mean authors born in 1986 or later (like Jazz Jennings), but any author who published their first book by 30 (so Stephen King’s Carrie is included).  I probably don’t […]

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Local Audiobook Editors Needed!

By Stacey I listened to my first audiobook almost 15 years ago. When I read a book my inner voice is bland and monotone, I never could do accents. I read the first five Harry Potter books to my kids and they always complained everyone sounded alike. Although I couldn’t have been that bad, we […]

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Awards Round-up: July 2016

by Michelle C. Welcome to the July Awards Round-up! There was a nice mash-up of categories this month with a great selection of titles. We will start with the Longlist for the Man Booker Prize. The Man Booker Prize is awarded to a novel written in English and published in the UK. The winner will […]

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Book Clubs Made Easy!

by Stacey Sno-Isle currently has 256 Book Discussion Kits. Each kit includes 10 copies of a single title. With this abundance of titles Sno-Isle offers  several options for searching and choosing a book kit. You can browse all of the kits alphabetically. You can search by new kits. Does your group prefer a literary form? You […]

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Magical Realism

by Stacey Magical realism is a genre of literature that blends realistic elements with magical elements. Magical realism is often associated with Latin American literature, particularly authors Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende. In English literature, the go to author is Alice Hoffman. The seminal book associated with magical realism is One hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García […]

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