Nevertheless, She Persisted

By Kristi S.  A wonderful thing about working in libraries is that you rarely run out of reading material. Occasionally, though, I have weeks where none of my holds arrive and I am left to scour the stacks. Like many patrons, I find the choices overwhelming. Recently, I realized when browsing that I gravitate towards […]

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A Fond Farewell to Beyond Bestsellers: Up Lit

By Kristi S. February is coming to an end, and so is our journey into Up Lit. Have you been uplifted this month? I have a definite tendency to read depressing books, so this month I set all of them aside in favor of something more upbeat. A life-changing quest After a glowing review from […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Up Lit

By Kristi S. February is here and it’s time for our new Beyond Bestsellers theme. If you need a reminder of what Beyond Bestsellers is all about, here’s a quick recap. For the month of February, we are going to be exploring Up Lit! Never heard of Up Lit? Neither had I until I started […]

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Patron Picks: Gentle Reads

by Kristi S. One of my favorite things about working in a library is seeing all the new books coming in. Unfortunately, my eyes are too big for my reading speed and I often find myself returning piles of titles that have gone unread. So I’m always grateful when I can talk with patrons about […]

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Guitar Music for the Soul

by Brian This month I’ve been inspired to explore the world of guitar playing. Hearing guitarist and composer Andre Feriante play and speak about the healing sounds of music at the Sno-Isle Libraries TEDx event inspired me to seek out recordings by him and others that play in the flamenco style. I’ve listened to two albums by Andre Feriante. […]

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Fall into a Movie

by Michelle C. Are you missing the languid heat of long summer days? Or are you like me and excited about crisp, multi-colored leaves and pumpkin spice lattes (or pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie or pumpkin curry or delicata squash, in a pinch)? There’s nothing I like better than snuggling up with a blanket, a crackling fire in the fireplace, and […]

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Awards Round-up: May 2016

by Marina Welcome to a new feature here on The Biblio Files! The Awards Round-up! In this, and each of the following posts we’ll gather together the book, movie, television and music winners for that month. We’ll also take this chance to highlight a few lesser known items. Be ready to know more about awards than you ever thought […]

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Inspirational Beach Reads

Because of the incredibly warm weather we’re having, I am in the mood to read stories that take place at the beach. I recently discovered Marybeth Whalen, an inspirational romance writer whose books are set in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, a real place I’d love to visit someday. The Mailbox is her first book (available […]

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Question of the Week

What book are you currently reading? I’m currently reading Poison, the second book in the Bloodline trilogy by Jordyn Redwood. Kidnapping, murder, revenge, hallucinations, biological weapons, people poisoned with spider venom, a patient who becomes desperate enough to rip the chest tube out of her collapsed lung. Christian fiction isn’t what it used to be. […]

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