Miles Davis: A Beginner’s Guide

by David Miles Davis has a stellar body of work, and as he himself admitted, he’s changed the face of music 3 or 4 times. But such a career can be intimidating to the novice explorer, so here are my tips to get you started. First, listen to “Kind of Blue“. Go ahead, do it right […]

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Cabin Fever Busters

by Ruth G. The forecast is for a cold and wet winter. If you’re snowed in, or don’t have the nerves for driving on icy roads, I’ve got good news: the library has tons of great resources, all free, all available without leaving the house. Plan your dream vacation from home, from our Travel eBook collection, or […]

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Music to De-Stress

by Ruth I am seeing a lot of people stressed out about the elections. While on vacation & driving near the Washington coast, I saw a church reader board that said, “Don’t let the Donkeys and the Elephants get you down.” I didn’t realize it was getting to me, though, until I had an election night anxiety dream […]

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Local Audiobook Editors Needed!

By Stacey I listened to my first audiobook almost 15 years ago. When I read a book my inner voice is bland and monotone, I never could do accents. I read the first five Harry Potter books to my kids and they always complained everyone sounded alike. Although I couldn’t have been that bad, we […]

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Narrator Spotlight: Hillary Huber

By Danielle I would listen to Hilary Huber narrate a phone book if I could. Hands down, she is my favorite narrator to listen to, partially because her range is so vast. She has narrated over 250 audio books including Southern mysteries to YA novels to memoirs and nonfiction to historical fiction. She is a multiple Audie […]

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Train Your Brain

by Marina Recently a couple of the Readers’ Services Team members (hi Jackie and Michelle!) were boasting about their prowess (and lack thereof in certain areas) building their communication and analytical skills using the Elevate app. I was pressured to play along and share MY cognitive training aptitude abilities in comparison with theirs. (OK, I admit I caved and […]

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Hot Weather Hoopla

by David My listening playlist is often influenced by the weather (for some reason, I don’t listen to the Smiths during the summer). Something about the warmer temperatures inspires me to listen to music from other hot climates. For instance, Ry Cooder and Manuel Galbon’s album “Mambo Sinuendo” gets a lot of play at our house […]

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Books On Broadway

by Brian The phenomenal success of the musical Hamilton has brought the musical genre to the forefront again. Hamilton’s success, while in many ways due to the incredibly talented composer, actor, rapper and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, can be traced back to the book it is based on, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Books transformed into musicals often lead to […]

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Hidden gems of Hoopla

by Grant Hoopla has a gigantic catalog of movies available for immediate viewing on your computer, television, or mobile device. With so many titles to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming at times to find the right movie for you. Luckily, Hoopla allows you to sort movies by genre. While searching for something […]

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Challenging hoopla

by David Maintaining a library collection is such a juggling act, a balance between keeping current and also being mindful of classic older titles. Oh, and there’s that pesky thing called a budget. So when Sno-Isle signed up for the hoopla musical database, I was a little skeptical. I like holding the physical CD in […]

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