DIY Beer…And Pretzels!

by Liz Spring is my favorite time of year. The days are noticeably longer, the birds are extra chirpy, and all the shades of green just make me happy! And I just discovered new holidays celebrating two more of my favorite things…Beer and pretzels! This past Sunday, April 23rd, marked German Beer Day. You may have celebrated without […]

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Awards Round-up: March 2017

by Lindsey National Book Critics Circle Awards Each year since 1976 the National Book Critics Circle awards books published in English in six categories: Autobiography, Biography, Criticism, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Certain genres are excluded, including cookbooks, self-help books, reference books, picture books, and children’s books. Here are the winners for the 2016 publishing year! The […]

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New Year, New Projects!

by Liz The hectic holiday season has passed us and I am in mourning…I miss the festive season! The lights, the parties, the food! But seeing as we are well into 2017, I guess it is time for me to get back to my normal-boring-no-parties-on-Wednesday-nights life. Ho-hum. A lot of folks start their quest for […]

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Delectable Desserts

by Heather O. Baking has been one of my passions since I was a kid. When I took a quarter of home economics in middle school, I was on cloud nine (especially because I’d taken agriculture the previous quarter and all we did was pull weeds. Gardeners, you have my full admiration). What Type A […]

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Awards Round-up: December 2016

by Jocelyn Welcome to the December Awards Round-up! We are covering two different awards this month. The Center for Fiction First Novel Prize The “First Novel Prize is awarded to the best debut novel published between January 1st and December 31st of the award year. The author of the winning book is awarded $10,000 and […]

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Where’d You Go?

by Stacey Library customers come and go.  A frequent conversation among staff is “Remember so and so”. Often there is a give and take with customers for years and one day you realize you haven’t seen them in a while. Where did they go? We see so many people it is difficult to remember everyone’s […]

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Vegetarian Awareness Month

by Lindsey October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, a month filled with low-key holidays such as World Vegetarian Day (October 1), World Animal Day (October 4), and International Vegetarian Week (October 1-7). As an ovo-lacto vegetarian of 19 years, cooking this way is second nature to me. I love tofu and legumes, and since following this path […]

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Cooking for Nerds

by Marina Hi. My name is Marina and I’m a foodaholic. I love to eat food! And I love to cook and bake food! And, more recently, I love the science of food! The cooking and baking infatuation started at a young age when I joined a local 4-H club that focused on, as they called it […]

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The Comfort of Fall

By Liz Being a fun-in-the-sun worshiper, I am not sure if I have ever said this before, but it is official: I am ready for fall! Big comfy sweaters and boots with tights, hot toddies, and weekends curled up on the couch watching movies with the husband…I am ready for it all! But most of […]

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Dinner and a Movie

by Michelle C. Food and movies are the perfect combination–even better when the movie is about food. The only problem with watching a movie about food is that I am often left wanting the beautifully crafted meal (or at least wishing I could smell it through the television screen). I snack on a box of crackers instead and […]

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