Train Your Brain

by Marina Recently a couple of the Readers’ Services Team members (hi Jackie and Michelle!) were boasting about their prowess (and lack thereof in certain areas) building their communication and analytical skills using the Elevate app. I was pressured to play along and share MY cognitive training aptitude abilities in comparison with theirs. (OK, I admit I caved and […]

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Awards Round-up: May 2016

by Marina Welcome to a new feature here on The Biblio Files! The Awards Round-up! In this, and each of the following posts we’ll gather together the book, movie, television and music winners for that month. We’ll also take this chance to highlight a few lesser known items. Be ready to know more about awards than you ever thought […]

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Books based on blogs

I’m not a huge fan of reading blogs, but for some reason I love reading them once they have been made into books.  This is becoming more and more common, and is probably seen by a lot of aspiring authors as their ticket into publishing.  That said, not all blog based books are created equal. […]

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