The BFG Movie

by Jackie I know that we focus primarily on adult material on this blog, but I can’t help but be excited about the trailer for this movie. I vividly remember my fourth grade teacher Miss Russet reading Roald Dahl‘s BFG aloud to us. It, along with Matilda, remain among my favorite children’s books. It occurs […]

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Dawn’s Gift Book Suggestions

by Dawn I’m not saying I’m some sort of Grinch, but man do I hate shopping for the holidays. Crowded malls, constant carols, and all that pressure to find just the right present…not my happy place. But there is something wonderful about finding just the right thing for that someone special. Over the next few […]

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Pacific Northwest Book Awards: 2016 Shortlist

by Dawn The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association has announced its 2016 Book Awards Shortlist!  The list of 12 books came from 250 nominations, and are all books written by Northwest authors and published in 2015. The final 6 winners will be announced in early January.  How many have you read? Which is your favorite? See […]

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Meet the Author Next Door: Richard Spelman

by Richard Spelman I was born in Seattle, and spent my early years in the great NW before having the good fortune to be moved to the great state of Hawaii at the age of 11. I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1985 with a B.Ed. and in the years that followed […]

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Horse Stories

Anyone who works around books has seen trends come and go. Feng Shui, eating paleo, macrame, vampires… So what is always popular? Horse Stories! For our youngest equine fans: A child creates her dream pony by drawing it on paper  and imagining the adventures they would go on. Harry keeps a horse in his room.  A trusty […]

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Great Books for Gifting to Young Children

It is the time of year when people are searching for the perfect gift.  Why not give the gift of reading – a gift that keeps on giving.  Here are a few selections to help you ignite a lifelong love of reading, learning and imagination for the youngest members on your list:  

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That Book You Just Can’t Put Down

It is a delicious feeling to be immersed in a book that you can’t put down.  It is even better when that book is part of a series and you know that you have many more enticing titles to look forward to.  Though you may read prolifically, it is a rare treat to come across […]

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Obsessed? We’ve got the books for you!

Do you have an obsession?  Some special topic that you are ridiculously curious about? Me, I’ve been obsessed with French Bulldogs ever since I got my Liza Lou two years ago.  Some folks have a very limited idea of what libraries carry (best sellers and reference books), and are missing out on the amazing treasure […]

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