16 in ’16: Read a Banned Book Feedback

by KP Welcome back, esteemed participants. How has it been, walking on the wild side? What books were you surprised to discover were banned?   Dana: I am reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I have never read this book before and thought I should because it’s such a classic. I am enjoying the book immensely because it […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Banned Book

by KP Sex. Violence. Drugs. Just a few reasons cited for the ten most frequently challenged books of 2015, and our next Reading Resolutions challenge: Read a Banned or Challenged Book. Starting September 28 through October 17th we encourage you to dip your toe in a little controversy. Each year, Banned Books Week draws national attention to […]

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Question of the Week

Have you ever read a book, just because you heard it was banned? It seems that whenever somebody makes a fuss over something – a book, a movie, or a song for instance – there’s a mad rush of people that hurry right out to take a look or listen and find out just what’s […]

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Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

We often take for granted our access to the books we want to read – everything we could possibly want is available, practically at our fingertips or at most a short wait away.  Each year, however, many books are challenged for removal from school or public libraries.  Banned Books Week is the time of year […]

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