16 in ’16: Reader of the Year Spotlight – Heather S.

by Lindsey I had the opportunity to talk with Heather S., Reader of the Year in the library’s 16 in ’16 Reading Resolutions Challenge. She was our most prolific reader, completing nearly 500 books and fulfilling all 16 categories. I was curious what inspired her to participate in the challenge. Heather told me that she wasn’t able […]

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16 in ’16: Reader of the Year

by Jackie   Congratulations go to Heather S! With 1,168 points, she becomes Sno-Isle Libraries’ Reader of the year, having read 497 books during the 10-month reading challenge! Here’s the full list of our super-readers in 2016:  1,168 points – Heather S. 831 – Caitlin P. 779 – Sandra H. 695 – Aine M. 604 – Lora […]

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16 in ’16: Read a New Book Feedback

by Jocelyn We’re halfway through our final Reading Resolution, and I’m checking in to see how it’s going. What 2016 title(s) are you reading? Do you have any recommendations for us? I just finished reading When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz. She’s one of my favorite authors, and I eagerly anticipate […]

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16 in ’16: Read a New Book

by Jocelyn Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final challenge in the Reading Resolutions: 16 in ’16 contest. For the next three weeks, we challenge you to read…a book published in 2016 (also known as a “New” book). With about 300,000 books published in the United States every year, that gives you A LOT of […]

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16 in ’16: Read Short Stories Feedback

by Stacey & Michelle C. We are more than halfway through the short story book theme in the 16 in ’16 reading challenge. So far the entries have been a fun mix of genre anthologies, funny shorts, and literary novellas. Let’s take a look at what short stories some of the participants are reading: Stacey: “A short story […]

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16 in ’16: Read Short Stories

By Stacey   What is a short story? Simple version–a work of fiction that is shorter than a novel. A story that can be read in one sitting. Yet, a short story can be so much more. Marilyn Singer, author of over 90 children, young adult and poetry books eloquently elucidates: A short story is, in […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Funny Book Feedback

by Marina Well, we’re halfway through our funny book theme (and we only have TWO themes left of this whole challenge!!!) and that means it’s time for a feedback post. Where I share some of the books other participants have submitted to entice you to read even more! And if none of the selections below […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Funny Book

by Marina Welcome to the next theme of our Reading Resolutions: Read a Funny Book! As we near the tail end of an emotionally charged political season and start gearing up for the quickly approaching holiday season (requisite family time included) I’m sure you could use a good dose of humor. Just kidding! I know all […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Banned Book

by KP Sex. Violence. Drugs. Just a few reasons cited for the ten most frequently challenged books of 2015, and our next Reading Resolutions challenge: Read a Banned or Challenged Book. Starting September 28 through October 17th we encourage you to dip your toe in a little controversy. Each year, Banned Books Week draws national attention to […]

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16 in ’16: Read a Young Author

by Danielle I managed to volunteer for the hardest of all the Reading Resolutions 16 in ‘16 categories: Read an Author Under 30. Now this doesn’t just mean authors born in 1986 or later (like Jazz Jennings), but any author who published their first book by 30 (so Stephen King’s Carrie is included).  I probably don’t […]

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