Table for One

by Julie T.

Meal Ideas for Individuals & Double Dining

When I find myself foraging solo, I’m not necessarily motivated to cook. Growing up, my mom was a master of whipping up large quantities of food for our sizeable family. My siblings and I had our own, assembly-line role to play, from nuking a can of green beans to setting the table. A Sunday pot roast or mid-week casserole is more food and more effort than I’m willing to exert for a two person household. Thankfully, the library catalog has an armload of recipe books aimed at delivering smaller, tasty meals for solo and duo diners.


Healthy Meals for One (or Two) Cookbook by Katie Walker

Preparing nutritionally balanced and flavorful meals can be a daunting prospect. I often fall back on the same old breakfast and lunch when I’m pressed for time or tired (or, I’ll admit, just don’t feel like putting in the effort to come up with new ideas).  Walker lays the groundwork for creating a balanced cupboard and planning ahead. She even includes a mini “Kitchen Reps While You Prep” workout. Talk about multi-tasking! Included are recipes that address dietary concerns.

Vegan Slow Cooking for Two –or– Just for You by Kathy Hester

Hester sets you up for success with slow cooker best practices, whether you’re a pro or a relative newcomer to this type of cooking. Meatless alternatives abound for popular classics like breakfast burritos and even an All-in-One Thanksgiving dinner! Bubbling over with more than 100 recipes, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your palate. Slow cookers allow you to prep meals ahead of time, filling your home with delightful aromas. Many recipes include variations to prevent your cuisine from becoming tiresome.

Mug It! Easy & Delicious Meals for One by Pam McElroy

Arguably the pinnacle of single serving cuisine, mug meals offer delicious savory and sweet options for all hours of the day. I find them appealing for a variety of reasons, one being that aside from the obvious dynamic duo of microwave & mug, the only implements you need are measuring cups and a stirring spoon. They’re also super portable for plunking down on the couch with streaming videos and make it easy to track portions.

Check out the full booklist for bonus menu ideas. Or at the very least, tantalizing photo spreads to salivate over. Bon Appétit!

Table for One: Meal Ideas for Individuals & Couples

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  1. Lois H. says:

    I’m so excited to check out these cookbooks! I’m a solo cooker and portions are super hard for me to figure out. Also I really want to try more mug meals!

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