Summertime Fun!

by Liz

School is almost out and with it comes summer vacation season. I am sure we have a few readers for whom summer break means fantastical European tours (!), but I would be willing to bet that for most, summer vacation involves sticking much closer to home. Lucky for us we live in such a beautiful place, with such beautiful places to explore!

I grew up camping. The tent-in-the-woods-no-bathroom kind of camping. I have lots of wonderful memories of our weekends in the woods – Rock collecting, river swimming, marshmallow stick hunting. My few bad memories all have one thing in common – RAIN. Waking up in a wet tent is the worst! Maybe this is why I prefer cabining as an adult…

Whatever your outdoor style may be, hiking, camping, cabining, or glamping, we have books to get you in the mood.

Not ready to go outside quite yet? Curl up with a movie!



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