Summer Thrills, Chills and Escapes

by Denise D. 

It’s August. The dog days of summer. The good-luck-finding-a-fan-nevermind-an-air-conditioner-in-the-store days of the year. Some people live for these days of relentless sun and heat. It makes them yearn to get outside: hike, swim, picnic, get sand between their toes.

As much as I enjoy the long days and air of laziness the heavy heat summons, my mind turns to another pursuit. Whether in the park, by the pool, or at sunset under an open window, I like to spend the summer much as I do the rest of the year: reading.  When I am out and about, enjoying a dusk stroll around the neighborhood, watering the parched plants in the yard, or stuck in traffic with the summer tourists, I devour audiobooks,

Does my summer reading vary much from the rest of the year? Not really. I might be lathered in sunscreen and donning sunglass reading glasses, but I still prefer stories with intriguing characters and transporting settings, whether historical fiction, thriller, fantasy or literary fiction. Maybe I do crave more wintry settings with plenty of snow, ice and palpable chills. (More affordable and environmentally friendly means of cooling than air conditioning.) Here are some of the books I’ve enjoyed this summer.

How about you? What kinds of books do you seek in the summer? Where is your favorite summer reading venue? What have you read of late?

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