Stars! They’re (Kinda) Just Like Us!

By Julie T.

Less tabloid, more tell-all! Celebrity memoirs are a dish best devoured audiobook-style. Up close and personal with your speakers or headphones, you’ll often feel connected with these performers in a way that transcends print. It’s like they’re sharing their childhood foibles and adulting struggles with you over a cup of coffee.

Jane Doe Celebrity: “You know that alleged wardrobe malfunction I experienced while taking my kids to soccer practice? O…M…G! You might as well hear it from me…”
You: *audible gasp, leans forward*.

  Easy Street (the Hard Way)


If you’re more interested in what ended up in Miley Cyrus’ shopping cart or purported British royal bickering, a paparazzi-fueled publication may be more your speed. Get your gossip fix via our selection of entertainment magazines in RBDigital.



Hungry for more? Check out my book list of autobiographies! It will satiate your celebrity curiosity after the credits end on your favorite film. Interested in finding additional titles read by the author? You can search NoveList Plus for autobiographies and memoirs read by the author!

Stars! They're (Kinda) Just Like Us!

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