Shark Week 2k19

By Kaley

It’s upon us once more! Sunday, July 28th marks the beginning of Shark Week. It feels like we’ve been in shark-mode for some time now, as baby shark loops in our brains and the image of Katy Perry’s left shark dances on in our hearts. Was anyone else out there a shark kid, too? I vividly remember bringing home a book about shark attacks after a Scholastic Book Fair, much to my mom’s dismay. I no longer have cable, so luckily for me I can explore shark related content `till my brain can’t take it anymore through the library.

Image result for jaws sinkingIf you are in the same boat as me, hopefully not this one to our left, I’ve got a list for you.

Okay, I did tip my hand. You can’t make a Shark Week movie post without mentioning Jaws. I still know adults that don’t like the ocean because of this! If you’re a purist, please feel free to check out the book, too.

The ShallowsWe’ve seen man vs. shark, but what if we tried Blake Lively vs. shark? I personally get frustrated with characters that explore the wilderness alone which puts them in dangerous situations, lookin` at you, 127 Hours. That being said, I’ll admit that The Shallows  is compelling.

Okay, so as long as we are all terrified of the beach now, let’s include the entire city of Los Angeles while we’re at it. Sharknado was obviously going to make this list. Join a group of friends trying to desperatly save LA from deadly shark infested water spouts. There are six of these movies in total, so get moving!

Journey to Shark EdenWhile these were all fun movies, in my humble opinion at least, I would like to share Nat Geo’s Journey to Shark Eden. Sharks are such cool animals, and deserve attention (from afar) and conservation! Learn about the fragile ecosystem that is required to sustain life on the coral reef with this documentary.

Staff member Chelsea M has another list you can peruse over yonder. Are you, too, a shark fanatic? Let me know what your favorites are, and enjoy your beach visits this summer.


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  1. Marie B. says:

    I am simultaneously fascinated and terrified by sharks. If you’re not already quaking in your wet suit, check out this video of a swimmer in a shark cage – with bonus shark.

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